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Malvin Gray Johnson’s Striking Portraits of African Americans Made Him One of Most Acclaimed Artists of the Harlem Renaissance. Learn His Artist Story Here

Artist Stories brings to light the careers of artists whose life stories and work may not be part of a traditional art history education. In this series, we’re sharing stories from art history as a first step to building a more diverse canon. Malvin Gray Johnson‘s entrepreneurial instinct for art was clear from the start.

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In a Townhouse Turned Winery, Czech Studio ORA Delivers an Ode to Viticulture

Although winemaking in the Czech Republic goes back at least a dozen and a half centuries, it has only been fairly recently that Czech wines have resonated globally. Much of the attention has been focused on South Moravia, the centre of viticulture in the country. And the buzz is being generated not only by the

Restitution Activist Mwazulu Diyabanza Was Arrested After He Tried to Remove an Indonesian Sculpture From the Louvre [UPDATED]

The Congolese activist Mwazulu Diyabanza was arrested at the Louvre on Thursday evening following a political protest during which the restitution advocate attempted to remove a sculpture from the museum. The action was part of the activist’s ongoing campaign for European museums to repatriate African heritage taken during the colonial era. He is currently in

Russian Artist Maria Safronova Paints Anxiety and Uncertainty within Ordered Lives

How can classical painting techniques be used to construct a reality that reflects and critiques contemporary society? This is what Maria Safronova sets out to do in her recent series of paintings, accompanied by three-dimensional props. The ‘freedom’ to adapt to norms and routines is a recurrent theme, as is the complacency and even enthusiasm

Japanese Artist Crafts Awesome Cyberpunk Demon Masks

Japanese Twitter user Shuka is a stop motion animator and “mecha designer” who specializes in crafting cyberpunk-themed items and accessories. The talented artist has recently gained some attention on Twitter for designing an awesome cyberpunk-themed Japanese demon mask! More: Twitter, Shop h/t: grapee The cyberpunk creation is a twist on traditional Japanese demon (oni) masks

This Photography Collective Captures the Nuances of Latinx Life. Now, a Berlin Gallery Is Debuting Their Work to the Public for the First Time

The photography collective South.Southwest has been on an ambitious mission to create a new canon of Latin American photography. The group, which formed several years ago under the patronage of the camera company Leica, brings together photographers from Brazil to Spain, including Sebastián Liste, Christina de Middel, Álvaro Ybarra Zavala, Laura León, Jesús Rocandio, Adriana

MFA Houston Director Defends Guston Postponement, Korean Art Comes to U.S., and More: Morning Links from October 21, 2020

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. News Gary Tinterow, the director of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, has defended the delay of a Philip Guston retrospective, saying, “The vehement response, to me, corroborates that rational discourse is more difficult in this moment.” [Texas Monthly] A new organization known

Yard Romance: Nuno Viegas @ Thinkspace Projects

“Even though graffiti can be visually aggressive, dirty, and disturbing to a lot of people I consider it carries many values humanity should be aware of and look up to,” Portuguese-painter Nuno Viegas says of the inspiration behind his newest body of work. “Values like brotherhood, teamwork, dedication, loyalty,  passion, equality, amongst others, while having

The Artspace Group Show: Royalty

Much of the history of art is the history of images of political and artistic royalty, which have collided time and again, often to extraordinary effect

6 Pranks Played on the Art World

In case you hadn’t noticed it’s April Fool’s Day – so forget the inside world for a moment or two and remember more carefree times. . .

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